Welcome to the website of the “Justice for the family Schwarzenberg from Hlubok√° nad Vltavou” OPS

Our organization dedicates itself to the pursuit of the abolishment of the unconstitutional act 143/1947 Coll., through which the Czech Republic denies its own citizen her most basic human rights to this day.

We believe the case of act 143/1947 to be relevant to the public as

1. This law is a threat to every citizen of the Czech Republic, as it shows, that the state can randomly expropriate any citizen, without even accusing him or her of a crime.

2. The Lex Schwarzenberg is a unique act of injustice across the world. No other country affords itself a law punishing an individual citizen without even accusing that person of having committed a crime.

3. It shows that in order to prolong the injustice initiated by the GESTAPO, the Czech state is prepared to ignore the basic human rights of a citizen, as well as its very own constitution.

4. It brings up the question, of whether it pays to behave in a loyal and patriotic way to the Czech Republic, as in this case one can see that such virtues are punished rather than recognized.